Almost ready

The new forums are almost ready. Give us another day or 2 to get things back in order

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Whoops. I messed up the /taiwan subdirectory

Sorry, folks. I goofed and accidentally interfered with the /taiwan subdomain. I tried a simple fix so I hope this corrects itself quickly.

In the meantime, you can reach the website at

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Site Down 5/25

Been down for a little while here. SQL database issues have been troubling us lately. We’re trying for a more stable solution, which may take a little more time. Please bear with us.

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Site Down 2/3/2016

We’re working on it and should be up soon.

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Forum is down – hoping to correct the problem by tonight

Hi folks

We are looking into a problem in our SQL database that has disrupted our forums. I hope to have a clearer picture tonight. I will keep you posted here when I learn more about when we can get the site working again


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05/06/2015 – Server Maintenance

Things are not going as smoothly as hoped. We hope to get the site back up and running normally today.

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Brute Force Attack

This morning one of our development websites suffered a brute force attack, which slowed down our entire server. This resulted in “missed SQL connection” problems on the forums for some of us. The hack did not make it through and we are making some adjustments to accommodate for the sudden increases in traffic that these kinds of problems involve. Hopefully, our forums can handle them better. We will also look to update all of our project password (yikes!)

What is a Brute Force Attack?

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Server outage: Forumosa continues to grow

Out of database space?!


You may have noticed that the website went down for some time yesterday (6 April in Taiwan). Many thanks to engerim for correcting this situation and analyzing what happened.

Basically, we’ve maxed out our database limits (again!). So, we are upgrading to the next level of service to accomodate our continue growth.

Forumosa continues to see steady upward growth. We have maintained an average of about 150,000 unique visitors a month (peaking at 200,000 in January 2013) with 28% of traffic coming from first-time visitors – a 4 year high.

I want to thank Tempo Gain for ably steering the forums and setting a postive and constructive tone, and to the moderating team for keeping things in order.

Keep well

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