Month: November 2004

We are not the world

Foreigners and the “civilizing” of Taiwan YOU’RE ON the street, minding your own business and a mother and her six-year-old daughter pass you, but not before the kid pokes out a finger and says, “Waiguoren! Waiguoren!” What is your reaction?

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How can 59,054,087 Americans be so dumb?

As Aesop once wrote: “While I see many hoof marks going in, I see none coming out. It is easier to get into the enemy’s toils than out again.” SO IT’S all over, including the shouting. Bush supporters are cheering,

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Falun down – bang a Gong

History & Culture > Falun Gong (parts 1-3) I ALWAYS had the impression that Falun Gong was slightly kooky Chinese aerobics with some nickel-a-pop Indian mysticism thrown in. There’s a big sign for them on the side of a building

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