Month: August 2005

New 24-hr Posting Milestone – 1028

Must be Typhoon Talim effect sending people home early today

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Another 24-hour posting record – 874

Yay! A new milestone reached – 874 posts in a single day

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Back to Zero

I have reset the Record Number of Forumosans Online at the Same Time number on the front page. The previous figure probably included many robots who artificially inflated the figure on New Year’s Eve (many thanks to Cranky Laowai for

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Do you have a website about Taiwan, or do you live in Taiwan and have your own personal blog? Let’s exchange banners and links

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Official Forumosa T-Shirts!

We are now taking orders for official Forumosa t-shirts. Two (2) different designs – the commemorative “Grey Prolific” tee – with the names of our favorite Forumosans listed on the back using the grey and maroon website colors, and the

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New 24-hour Posting Milestone!

We have reached another record on the forums – 812 posts in a single 24 hour period! I check this by clicking the 24 hours link at the upper right corner of the forums. The image here is NOT that

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One step back

I’ve uninstalled (apparently successfully ) the xdata hack, which would allow us to create new profile fields on the fly. I do not appreciate the flexibility this mod gives us. I figure the fields we are using are not

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Bye Bye Zero Posters (or not)

We’ve hidden those Forumosans who are too shy to post Now, in order to appear in and to be listed as the Newest Poster, you have to post at least once. The Newest Forumosan is now the latest Forumosan

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