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Do you have a website about Taiwan, or do you live in Taiwan and have your own personal blog? Let’s exchange banners and links

Below are some web banners that you can use on your website. Let us know where to find them, and send us your own banners URL, and we can add it to our banner rotation

<A HREF=""><img src="" alt="Up to 800+ new posts per day!" BORDER="0"/></a>

T-shirt Banner 468x60
<A HREF=""><img src="" alt="Buy your official shirt at the Forumosa Taipei Happy Hour on 13 Sep at Carnegies" BORDER="0"/></a>

Use our Forumosafieds - save a tree
<A HREF=""><img src="" alt="Ask Maoman and Goose Egg about our Forumosafieds" BORDER="0"/></a>

HTML Code for the following banners can be found here: Banner - 392x72 Banner - 234 x 60

Forumosa Banner 120x240 Forumosa Banner 125x125
Forumosa Banner 120x90
Forumosafieds 120x90
Forumosafieds 120x90
Forumosa Banner 120x60
Forumosa Button 88x31
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