Month: August 2005

On the move again

Folks, We are planning another server move for Forumosa later this month. Our audience continues to grow and we are adding new areas that are bringing in more traffic ( and We need more stable and more flexible tech

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I added a reporting function last Sunday – it’s called “Squeal”. With over 20 moderators covering almost 30 forums reviewing nearly 600 posts a day, the website could use an extra hand now and then Ideally, Forumosans will use this

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LIFO in the fastlane

I’ve re-organized the results list at – the erstwhile memberlist page. Now, the latest Forumosans are listed first. I also re-formatted the list to make room for the new Greetings feature. I’m hoping that people will use their greetings

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Prints of the City

Was up late last night installing a style sheet for the Forumosafieds that is just for printing. Today, if you have an up-to-date and standard web browser, when you print a Forumosafied ad, many elements of the web page do

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The Forum Shuffle

I reshuffled the forum order based largely on Bu Lai En‘s suggestions. Maoman and I had a meeting last Thursday and discussed the re-arrangment. Hopefully, with an extra category to organize the forums, the website becomes easier to navigate. As

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