Access Key Additions

ALT-S – When you are posting a message on Forumosa, you can press ALT-S in Windows instead of clicking the Submit button

ALT-. – When you are reading a discussion thread that stretches to more than one page, press ALT-. (alt-period) in Windows to advance to the next page

If you would like to suggest other Access Key Keyboard shortcuts (sorry, only for Windows browsers), please email me at admin (at) forumosa (dot) com

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2 comments on “Access Key Additions
  1. Seeker4 says:

    Key shortcuts – good idea.


    – ALT-N would be much more intuitive for “next page”
    – All keyboard shortcuts should be listed together on the wiki or somewhere

    Thanks for your good work.

  2. Goose Egg says:

    Cheers. I chose a period because on a Windows keyboard, it’s easy to use it with your right-hand. Well, at least, it’s easier for me to use it 🙂

    I’m actually thinking of dropping the Wiki – after all there are the forums and no one has really embraced it – except for Truant and his maps 🙂