Milestones in the Knowledge

A couple of small milestones have just been clocked up in the Knowledge at our new sister site,

Firstly, all cities, counties, townships and city districts now have at least a basic article in the Knowledge. So if you want to write about say, Fenglin township in Hualian County, it’s all set up and waiting for you. Apart from the big three (Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung) all place names use Hanyu Pinyin, so when you’re looking for your neighbourhood, be sure to use that system.

Before too long we’ll be opening the membership up to everyone so it’ll be the perfect chance to record something about your town.

The second little milestone is that as a consequence of adding all those location pages the total number of articles has now passed 500. With enough people signing up to help the resource along, we’ll hopefully hit 1,000 articles before too long.


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