New admin: Malc

Please join me in welcoming Malc as a new administrator on

Malc joins Maoman and me as an equal partner

Malc will primarily be helping me with the technical upkeep of the website. He will also be counted on to share his experience in our other web-related projects

Some of you may know Malc as the guiding spirit behind Please note: that this is NOT a merger of the two websites, nor is Forumosa acquiring “The Ho”. TaiwanHo is Malc’s and remains his 100%. He is simply taking a 1/3rd share in Forumosa in exchange for his technical leadership, time and experience.

Maoman will continue to be the overall authority for the Forums. This means that Maoman still calls the shots. Nothing has changed in this respect. Malc and I will continue to build the website by fixing and expanding on what we can.


I have known Malc since 1994, when we were both peons in the headquarters of the Hess empire. While I was consulting for the (now defunct) Hess Computer School program, Malc was writing Hess’s 2nd generation curriculum (a complete revamp of the core “N” materials that first redefined the “Hess Method” – what can I say? I still remember that it was a big deal for us back then). He was also the publisher of the company’s first internal newsletter, “The NST”

A few years later, he moved on to KidCastle, the second largest chain-buxiban on the island. (A transition in the buxiban universe that would be described as a move from the Dark side to the Not-quite-so-Dark side) It was at KidCastle that he developed TaiwanHo – as a living guide for the recruits his team was bringing to Taiwan.


As you have probably noticed, Maoman and I have been refining our classifieds website, now dubbed – I expect Malc to contribute heavily to our efforts to build it into the best free classifieds website on the island

I believe Malc brings to us a great background and set of skills. And together, we are all better positioned to succeed

Malc – Welcome aboard!

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4 comments on “New admin: Malc
  1. Hi everyone
    Just wanted to say hello to Malcom and good luck with the new responsibilities. Now that I am back from my US roadtrip ,I will finally be pestering you all for banner space for Bikefarm! I am sorry to have kept Anthony (Maoman) waiting for so long!
    I met up with Harry in the US, Malcom and he was keen to hear how well you have done and says “Hi!”. Harry’s doing pretty well too!
    All the best , I’ll be in touch soon.
    Yours Jeremy

  2. Carl Sandburg says:

    Where are you guys heading? Its not forum focused anymore? I think we have too many classifieds already. Tealit, and The ever growing English In Taiwan .You guys are heading in so many directionsn and are changing directions monthly. Any stability we can rely on?Stick with whats working. FORUM FORUM FORUM You dont give impression of classifieds site and how many sites are you now, altogether?

  3. malc says:

    Thanks Jeremy. I’ve been trying to get hold of you for a while but without success. Please drop me a PM and keep in touch.

  4. malc says:


    The forums are stable I hope – nothing is changing there.

    There are four sites now – Forumosa, Taiwanted, Taiwanease and the Knowledge. There is certainly much work to be done, but I hope stability will be a part of that. I’ll start posting in the blog as things are updated, but rest assured that the forums will not change.

    Actually I am hoping that Forumosans will play a key role in how the other sites are developed and I welcome any and all input.