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We are planning a fortnightly ‘zine where the latest classified ads from (formerly the Forumosafieds) will be printed. We will start distributing at bars and restaurants frequented by Forumosans, and eventually expand this to places all around Taiwan. Please

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Forumosafieds to Loot to

We just can’t sit still. Remember back when Forumosa was called ORIENTED, before it was called Segue? The naming bug has been at it again and we’ve swapped names for our classifieds website several times as well Re-introducing: We

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What is a Forumosafied Vendor? How do I become a Forumosafieds Vendor? What is a Forumosafied Vendor? Forumosafied vendors are Forumosans who regularly post ads in the Forumosafieds. Vendors can put a logo to identify their ads, which link directly

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Everything changes, nothing remains without change. ~Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta~ Change in all things is sweet. ~Aristotle~ It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. ~Charles Darwin~

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