Everything changes, nothing remains without change.
    ~Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta~

    Change in all things is sweet.

    It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.
    ~Charles Darwin~

And with the words of those great men in mind, I’d like to announce a few changes in the Forums:

First, a big thank you to some outgoing mods who have served us with grace and dignity. Irishstu, MJB, Toasty, Truant, you guys will be missed!

Second, animal rescues and adoptions now have their own forum, a sub-forum of Pets & Animals. Many Forumosans put forth some valid reasons for keeping those posts on Forumosa, and we’re glad to be able to accommodate them.

Third, Flounder and Temp are now two separate forums, and they will both be unmoderated. Flounder is still for silliness, but the posts will live FOREVER, while Temp posts are multiple posts, posts that make no sense, etc, and they will still expire after 15 days.

And finally, the politics forums, both International Politics and Taiwan Politics will be unmoderated. The rules however, will still apply. How will this work? Well, basically we’re asking the people who post in these forums to moderate themselves. If someone sees a post that he/she believes to be against the rules, all they have to do is hit the “squeal” button in the top right hand corner, which reports the post to admin. Whichever one of us three admin sees the report first will take a quick look at the suspect post, and if we find it to be in violation of the rules, the post will be deleted on the spot. We are optimistic that this will improve things in the politics forums. It certainly makes things easier for admin, in that the difficult search for politics forum moderators does not have to be sustained.

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3 comments on “Changes
  1. Perry Malcolm says:

    guys, i can’t figure your site out anymore! 🙁

  2. Carl Sandburg says:

    Now you are a magazine also?. Im confused.I ts two forums also now?. Is the goal ot this/these sites absolute confusion?
    good luck

  3. Goose Egg says:

    Don’t worry, Carl. With a little concentration, you might understand some day

    We only have plans for one forum website – – this will remain a non-profit project open to all

    I’m glad you noticed our new Taiwanease magazine – which aspires to be a chronicle living and being in Taiwan.

    Although I don’t expect you to be interested, there are *even more* tools, websites and activities that we are involved with. Although this may be a little too much for some of us to handle 😉 our overall goal is simple – helping make living in Taiwan a little easier for all of us

    Good luck – it seems to me like you are going to need it!