Forumosafieds to Loot to

We just can’t sit still. Remember back when Forumosa was called ORIENTED, before it was called Segue? The naming bug has been at it again and we’ve swapped names for our classifieds website several times as well


We think this latest name is a keeper. As long promised, the ads that you place online will appear in print in our new, bi-weeky magazine (Taiwanease Magazine)

You need to have a Forumosa ID to login and place ads.

Please remember that we are still testing things out and there are still many bugs to work out. The main bug is one which makes it appear that you hav to pay to place ads. You don’t – it’s still a free website. In the future, we plan to charge for teacher ads, but all other ads will remain free of charge

The bug only affects the very first ad you try to place. Any attempts afterwards will not trigger the payment request. So the solution is to start off by placing a dummy ad as your first ad. Then when you try to place another ad, it will work smoothly.

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3 comments on “Forumosafieds to Loot to
  1. Carl Sandburg says:

    No charge now? All TEACHERS will pay? How much? Pay for forums also?

  2. Carl Sandburg says:

    Not be able to SIT STILL as you say is too confusing for most of us users. 8 or 9 names and different formats almost monthly.You can have it. Whats the plan next month? Just curious.

  3. Goose Egg says:

    I’m glad we have this opportunity to clear things up. Placing ads on is free. We do plan to charge someday, but when we do, it will only be limited to charging for ads that seek teachers.

    If you are a teacher and you are looking for a substitute for yourself, then you can post for free in the Seeking Subsitute Teachers forum on (click here). Like for all forums on Forumosa, we have no plans to charge to post there. However, any ads that we believe violate the spirit of the Seeking Substitute Teachers forum will be removed asap.

    PLS NOTE: As mentioned in the Registration Agreement,, its administrators and its moderators do not have any legal responsibility for what is discussed in the Seeking Substitute Teachers Forum. It is the responsibility of the reader to ensure that any work they may undertake as a result of discussions on the forum complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

    The changing of names is certainly regrettable. At least, you should have trouble finding the latest one – because every previous web address points to the most current one.