Month: December 2006

Banner Dimensions

On Forumosa, we want to keep things simple. We have no limits to how many times you change your banner, and we don’t even care how many banners you want to rotate in your campaign. As long as you give

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New Login for our donors

I’ve added a couple of new links at the bottom of the forums so that our banner advertisers can easily check how their statistics are doing. There are 2 links down there, too – one to show a list of

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Questions from

Added the little Blufr quiz to spice up that interstitial success page after you post in the forums. What do you think of it? Stay or nay? Powered by online dictionary and more

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Minor changes to Forum Sitemap

I’ve made a number of changes to the Forum Sitemap this morning. Some highlights: Added YouTube screen Added Taiwanted search forms Re-grouped Life and Leisure forums Added links to Entrepreneurship Group

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