Banner Dimensions

On Forumosa, we want to keep things simple. We have no limits to how many times you change your banner, and we don’t even care how many banners you want to rotate in your campaign. As long as you give us banners that fit our 2 sizes, and we won’t bother you.

Why 2 dimensions? Because different pages in the forums have different layouts. We don’t expect you to give more for the different pages. When you donate for a banner, you get all of the privileges.

The 2 dimensions are:

  • Leaderboard – 728×90 pixels
  • Vertical Tower – 160×600 pixels

We can rotate GIF, JPG, PNG, FLASH (SWF) and Text.

Please don’t make them so big – try to keep them under 70KB. Btw, what we hear most about banners from Forumosans is that the less motion there is, the better.

Any questions? Email us at admin @

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