Down for server maintenance

We are upgrading some critical components of our web server today. These should only take a few hours. We hope to be back by noon on Sunday 1 April

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5 comments on “Down for server maintenance
  1. Goose Egg says:

    Hi Folks,

    We’re still working on the upgrade, so we are down indefinately for now. Please give us another day or so to work things out


  2. Mari says:

    How do I view taiwanted jobs?

  3. belgianpie says:

    Yeah, right now nothing is working anymore … not even the splash page …

  4. Goose Egg says:

    Yeah, we noticed. We’re aiming to bring back the websites today. So please check back in this afternoon

  5. xtrain says:

    the whole site is down? i get the debug message trying to access the homepage …