Presenting the new

Here is a message I’ve just sent out to all the people with ads on

Dear Taiwanted Seller

I realize that the past few months have been confusing on our website. I apologize for these difficulties and any feelings of uncertainty these may have caused you. And I regret that I have still more to impose on you

This week’s migration from the old system forced me to lose the photos you posted in your ads, and scrambled some of the ad information as well. I need your help to come back, login, and re-post your pictures and correct some of the details in your ads

For a long time, we have planned a new and more stable classified ads website. We now have it. The new website incorporates the benefits of the previous version, including

– no-nonsense ad placement
– single sign-in
integration with
– a free and easy-to-use place on the web for Taiwan-based sellers

On top of this, we add:

– quicker ad placement from the sitemap at the bottom of each webpage
– Seller Stores – which enable you to brand your ads “under one roof”
– exposure on in selected (content-specific) forums

We still have a lot to improve on the website, including

– describing how the new ad placement process and how the Seller Stores work
– fixing the Save-to-Favorites feature in the category listings
– installing Google Maps – eg. the Show Map? choice doesn’t work
– finalizing payment systems for services we plan to roll out (as in: attention-grabbing services and – eventually – payment for posting ads seeking teachers. Today, posting on Taiwanted is free, but eventually we plan to charge only for posting teacher ads)

We decided to launch the new system and give you this time to use it and send us valuable feedback. I encourage you to post about the new system on ( or feel free to contact us directly with questions or suggestions at admin(at) – you can even call me at 0952 948 975 (in Taiwan) or (646) 688 2927 (in North America)

Happy New Year!

Gus Adapon.
+86 1366 1677 399
Partner, Forumosa Partners Group

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  1. Maoman says:

    Don’t forget to tell people to remove YOURPANTS when they e-mail you!