Month: June 2009

Upgrading Classified Ads software

I’m upgrading the classified ads software to the latest version. I will have to re-modify the new version with some of the features and functions that I added before. Maoman and I are talking about de-linking the user databases of

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Installing Advanced Statistics Module

I’m trying to install the advanced statistics module again after yesterday’s fiasco. I found some bugs in the revisions I made the first time around, so I’m hopeful I’ll be successful this time around If there are fatal problems to

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Forums are back – restored from server backup

Many thanks to our friends at Hostexpress for getting us back to where we left off. Even though it was somewhere between 1am and 2am, they responded quickly to restoring our latest server back up I’ll try to install the

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Forums are down

Our forums are down and I’m investigating to see where the problem is. Worst comes to worse, I’ll ask our web host to reinstall the last 24 hour back up I was trying to install the Advanced Statistics Modification for

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Removed forum icon column from index page

I was never crazy about the forum icons. And since most of the forums are busy anyway, I figure we could always use the extra space. Besides, it simplifies (a little bit) a very cluttered front page Forum Stats: Total

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Testing the 24 hour Activity Mod

I’ve added a phpBB mod that shows who logged in over the past 24 hours, how many new topics were started and how many new posts were made. In earlier versions of this board, this was too server-intensive, and slowed

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New smilies added!

If you would like add a smiley to our collection so you can insert them into your posts, send the file to admin (at) forumosa (dot) com – don’t forget to give us a copy to upload or direct us

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Universal Currency Converter added

I’ve added’s universal currency converter to the bottom of the forum template. I’ve long planned to add it on since I use and they make their currency data available to other websites for free. I’ve removed many

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