Forums are down

Our forums are down and I’m investigating to see where the problem is. Worst comes to worse, I’ll ask our web host to reinstall the last 24 hour back up

I was trying to install the Advanced Statistics Modification for phpBB3. There are 3 main things to do here:
1. Modify the database tables
2. Upload the new files related to the statistics modification
3. Upload the revised files that make use of the new features

After doing all of these – pretty much without a hitch (or so I thought) – I tried looking at the front of the forums. It was blank – as if nothing was being delivered. But a check at the server files shows all the files are still there. And access to the underlying databas via phpmyadmin looks normal. What really bugs me is that the administration control panel – where I was trying to set up the Forum Statistics Module – is also blanked out.

So I try to “unwind” the installation by uploading my back up of the revised files. Still no help. Everything is still blank in the browser.

A close look at the modifications made to the database tables (main thing 1 above) tells me that these changes are pretty benign.

The screwup happened when I was using the ACP to install the module. So I altered the forum settings and now it won’t display 🙁

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