Installing Advanced Statistics Module

I’m trying to install the advanced statistics module again after yesterday’s fiasco. I found some bugs in the revisions I made the first time around, so I’m hopeful I’ll be successful this time around

If there are fatal problems to the forum, like yesterday, I’ll look to rollback the server by asking our webhost to restore yesterday’s back up of the server. This would mean posts made since that backup was saved would be lost

Wish me luck!

Forum Stats:
Total Posts 856988
Total Topics 52713
Total Forumosans 13181

In the past 24 hours:
New Posts 289
New Topics 24
New Forumosans 26

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3 comments on “Installing Advanced Statistics Module
  1. Goose Egg says:

    Eeewwwwww – that was a little scary there for a second, wasn’t it? The SAME problem happened – the entire forum blanked out!!

    But this didn’t make sense. Everything seemed to be fine before uploading the edited program files. So that means the changes to the database and the new files added for the modification were “safe”. Why would these edited files wipe out the forums?

    I started going through each of the files that were edited. Then I noticed that the main language file was incomplete – there was no ending! I checked my backup of the file that I made before modifying it, and it, too, was cut off. I missed it somehow. Fortunately, I had a backup of my backup still online, and I was able to re-attach the missing 15% of the file at the end. Whew!

  2. Goose Egg says:

    It’s done! 🙂

    The Advanced Statistics Modification is now active at

    You can look over how much activity there has been on Forumosa going back to 2002, when we switched to phpBB and changed our name from to

    You can also find out more about the different kinds of people who use our website – so if you are interested in advertising to them, please drop us a note at admin (at) forumosa (dot) com and have a look at our rate card at

  3. Gus Adapon says:

    I’ve “switched off” access to the forum statistics for the time being. I need to see if there is an impact on the server load. Stay tuned!