Month: July 2009

Missing your avatar?

Is your avatar gone? If you were part of a Forumosan Group, I think I know what happened I discovered (the hard way) that uploading a Group Avatar *replaced* each members avatar And then removing it after i realized that

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Group Colors have been switched on

This morning, I went to each ‘user group’ on Forumosa and made the group colors the “default colors” for the Forumosa names of its members. Some people are members of more than one group, so I started setting name colors

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Suggest a BBcode we should use

Visit and look for BBcodes that you think we should add to Forumosa We can add them to the posting box for easy use, or if you want something custom made (for example, a special code that deep links

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More banner codes updated

You may have noticed that the Leaderboard banners are back at the top of our Topic pages. And they have appeared at the top of our Search Result pages, too. We are responding to requests by our site sponsors I

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We are planning to upgrade our servers at Forumosa. This is a system wide improvement and should result in a faster and more stable server We have 7 days of 24-hour backups in case anything SNAFUs, but our new server

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We’re down for the moment

Sorry, folks. We identified a security bug and had to take quick action – the forums should be back (and more secure) momentarily. JFYI, our server is regularly attacked by hackers. Just in the past 24 hours alone, there have

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New Wikipedia-linked BBCode

We’ve added an extra button in the editor window when you post on the forums. If you want to reference a page on Wikipedia, just highlight the appropriate term and click the “Wikipedia” button. This will automatically render as the

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POTS Extra’s “Click Here” columns now archived on our blog

With the permissions of the original authors, we have archived online our old Forumosa column from POTS Extra. Back then, it was called “Click Here” and it appeared every other week in the English section of POTS You can read

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