Will continue the upgrade tomorrow

Still working on the software upgrade
Since I finished the first half of the forum software upgrade this morning, I have been having trouble finding a stable connection to the Forumosa server. I can’t even make solid contact via FTP to upload files. I tried the same connection I used this morning at ElementFresh and then I tried to connect at the Wagas nearby. Early this morning, my traceroutes to the F Server and HostExpress confirmed that my home connection is too slow/unstable.

Connecting to the forums via my browser is just slow. It isn’t particularly fast to other sites, but it’s especially bad to the F server 🙁

I’ll play it safe and ask our webhost (HostExpress.com) to do a Server-side Backup so that a restoration of the server (if necessary) would go back to this point. Depending on how soon we can do the backup, I’ll attempt Part 2 of the software upgrade late tonight or early Tue morning

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