Upgrading to the latest phpBB

Hi folks

I’m upgrading the forums to the latest version of phpBB3.

If there are any major problems along the way, I may ask our web host to restore the latest 24 hour back up of our website. This means that anything posted on Forumosa after the last backup will be lost.

Be well

Forum Stats:
Total posts 938095
Total topics 57091
Total members 15703

In the past 24 hours:
New Posts 569
New Topics 20
New Forumosans 24

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5 comments on “Upgrading to the latest phpBB
  1. Goose Egg says:

    “Can’t connect to local MySQL server”

    The forums are down so we can do an “SQL backup”. Anything posted after now will be lost if we have to restore the forum after a failed upgrade attempt – g.

  2. Goose Egg says:

    …and we’re back.

    The SQL backup is done. I’ll proceed with the upgrade now. If I run into trouble with the process, I’ll request a restoration of the forums back to this point in time. In other words, if you post something in the forums and we end up rolling back to the backup, then what you posted will be lost – g.

  3. Goose Egg says:

    I am now upgrading the forums. We’ll be down for a few minutes.

    Cross yer fingers!

  4. Goose Egg says:

    So far, the Active Threads page http://flob.me/now doesn’t seem to work

    Please report other bugs

  5. kat says:

    Hope things go well.
    We appreciate that this is not being done during a typhoon or other catastrophe.
    Keep up the good work.