Month: August 2010

Now testing new Mobile Theme on Forumosa

I have just activated a new Mobile Theme for Forumosa, developed by the friendly chaps at Native Tongues. I think you will quickly agree that it offers many advantages over our other methods to provide a Mobile Forumosa – Exclusively

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Spambots blocked from the forums again

On Thursday last week (19 August), some of our forum administration settings were accidentally reset, locking out Forumosans. It took us over half an our to get our heads around the situation and correct it. Apparently, we did not go

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New Ad zones created

We have been re-acquainting ourselves with OpenX, but this time, it is the hosted version of OpenX that we are playing with. As of today, I’ve reinstalled our key banner zones on the new Forumosa theme: Front Page Leaderboard (728×90)

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Pro Bono web banner campaigns on Forumosa

Forumosa strongly believes in promoting organizations that support the foreign community here in Taiwan, so if you have a non-profit or a charitable organization that you’d like to promote, we’d like to give you full banner exposure on Forumosa pro

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