Now testing new Mobile Theme on Forumosa

I have just activated a new Mobile Theme for Forumosa, developed by the friendly chaps at Native Tongues. I think you will quickly agree that it offers many advantages over our other methods to provide a Mobile Forumosa

– Exclusively Forumosa
– Large, clean, easy-to-read interface
– No additional software required – just direct your mobile browser and enjoy (iPhone and Android compatible, and more)
– No additional URL needed either – I’ll look to retire mob.forumosa, wap.forumosa and m.forumosa in due time
– No need to change themes, it should simply work

Please report any bugs here so that NT will be aware of it. There are still a number of known issues that they are still working on, e.g. no link to the UCP yet.

If you use a Mobile device that doesn’t view the forums radically differently, please let us know what platform or device you are using. I’ve tested this on an iPhone, Nexus One (Android), and iPad and seen spectacular results.

Many thanks again to Native Tongues for fine work

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