Backing up the server and upgrading phpBB

Happy New Year, folks!

We’re taking advantage of the holiday period to make some long needed upgrades to the forums. Expect things to get bumpy in the next few days.

If you’re a regular Forumosan, you know the drill: we’ll starting off with a server-wide “major” backup. This will mean the entire site will go offline for a few minutes (hopefully while Taiwan sleeps). Then, I’ll proceed to upgrade a few things in the morning. If there are any major hiccups along the way, we’ll restore the server to that last “major” backup — this means that any posts made after the backup will disappear. Hopefully, this will not be required. We’ve done this process about 10 times, and we’ve had to “roll-back” the site twice, if I recall correctly.

Cross your fingers!

If you are confused, or want to reach me for any other reason, you can:
send voice mail to +1 (646) 867-3432,
SMS me at my Taiwan Mobile +886 952 948975, or
simply email Anthony and me at admin(at)

Keep well,
aka Goose Egg

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