Forumosa.com is an online community focused squarely on Taiwan. If you face a challenge that seems unique to life on this island, you’ll probably discover a solution (or at least a smartass remark) in our forums. If you want to share your own point of view about issues others are coping with in Taiwan, then you’ve come to the right website.

Forumosa is Taiwan’s largest expat website with almost 6,000 registered members, over 300,000 posted articles, and hundreds of visitors every day of the year. Why do they come? Why do they stay? What makes Forumosa so special? The answer is simple — it’s the people, both the posters who contribute so much of themselves to the site, as well as the moderators who help to keep a semblance of order on the forums. Forumosans come from all nationalities and all walks of life, with an incredibly rich diversity of experience, talent and know-how.

This rich, diverse pool of talent has proven to be an astonishing resource. Are you interested in sending your kids to a private school in Taiwan, but don’t know where to turn for real experiences? Do you have items to buy or sell? Try our classifieds — there are bargains to be found every day. Do you want to buy an SUV and go off-roading in the mountains? What is the latest methodology in teaching English? Where are the best jobs? Where can you find baking supplies? Where can one find an English-speaking vet? How does one apply for an Alien Residence Certificate based on marriage? All these answers and much, much more can be found at Forumosa.com.

Beyond the usefulness of the forums as a resource, the discussion forums can also be an entertaining and often cathartic way to express yourself — living in a foreign country and working in a different culture often presents unique challenges, and getting the opinions and advice of others in similar situations can be very reassuring and a wonderful way to keep your sanity. There are forums to discuss daily life in Taiwan, politics (both local and international), a forum to discuss dating and relationships, a forum devoted to health care, pets and animals, sports, learning Chinese, and many, many other useful forums, including a confidential, invitation-only women’s forum, hidden from view from the rest of the community, where women can talk about issues that they would just as soon keep private.

But it’s not just the usefulness of Forumosa’s forums or the stimulating online discussions that makes the site so special. In recent years, it has served as a catalyst for bringing members of Taiwan’s international community together in real life as well. In addition to our monthly happy hours, we have a weekly games club on Sunday afternoons, where you can try your hand at everything from scrabble to backgammon. There are regularly scheduled family events, movie nights, basketball games, weekend hikes, restaurant crawls, even camping trips!