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Upgrading our servers

Hi folks, our servers are being upgraded – this is why our forums are down. I am sorry that there was no notice. We knew it was going to happen, but didn’t realize it would happen so soon. FWIW, this

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New Forum Admin! New Forum Rules!!

Folks I am very happy to announce that Tempo Gain is the new Forum Admin at – he modestly declined to take on the titles Generallisimod, Mod Almighty, Grand Panjadra-Mod, Lord of Posts, or Mod Pantokrator. Tempo Gain is

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Mandarin Language Enrichment Scholarship

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New Forum Calendar to be installed — if the installation fails, we may restore-to-backup

I’m planning to install a new forum calendar tonight. I plan to back up the entire forum tonight before attempting the modification. If the modification fails, I may have to restore-to-back, thereby wiping out any activity on the forums after

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New flags on Forumosa

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New Tapatalk Plugin installed!

Just upgraded to the latest Tapatalk plugin 🙂 Latest version: 2.2.0

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Backing up the server and upgrading phpBB

Happy New Year, folks! We’re taking advantage of the holiday period to make some long needed upgrades to the forums. Expect things to get bumpy in the next few days. If you’re a regular Forumosan, you know the drill: we’ll

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Too many connections error

I’m checking with our webhost why we maxed out our SQL connections again. This happened over Christmas and we responded by raising the limit on the number of connections. When this occurred just now, I took a peek at our

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