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Classicus scriptor, non proletarius (The classic writer is distinguished from the rabble)
– Aulus Gellius

Insightful, inspiring, clever – these are part of the reason why we regularly log on to Forumosa.

“Many of us feel a sense of loss on occasion to see particularly witty, inspired, soulful, well written posts drift off into Internet oblivion. This Classics Posts page has been created in response to this loss – an attempt to postpone the inevitable as it were, at least for a time. It will hopefully become a place where Forumosa can show off some of the truly fine writing that sometimes goes on here. If it also becomes a sort of storage bin for those minor bits of inspiration that you would rather not lose track of, then, what the heck, that’s OK too. We at the Classics Posts page are none too picky.” – bob 27 May 2005

If you want to recommend a post for this list, please PM Maoman, Goose Egg or any of the moderators. Please give the link (right-click on the tiny icon at the top left corner of every post to copy the URL – or use the SQUEAL link) – and if you explain why it is a classic to you, we may add your perspective below.

Bu Lai En’s Guide for Getting Married in Taiwan

Maoman puts the Paraguan diplomat sex scandal into perspective Secrets, secrets...

Gustav rescued!
The night Maoman and Maobabe’s dog ranaway and after being runover by a garbage truck and Forumosans gathered to search for him

What would you do if an adult hit your kid at school
When igorveni’s discovered bruises on his son that were caused by a parent of his son’s classmate

Senseless tragedy in Yangmei
MJB shares his frustrations about a fatal traffic accident at his daughter’s school that should have been avoided

WWII History Help
Shane Wilson receives advice for his search for information about his grandfather’s death during the bombing runs of Taichu(?) in 1945

President Chen Shuibian shot: Breaking News!
One of the busiest nights of Forumosa’s short history (over 200 posts in 3 hours!) – the eve of the 2004 presidential elections, when the island scrambled for news and rumours – Part 2 (240 posts), Part 3 (175 posts)

Broon Ale and Fred Smith square off in the South Atlantic

Things we LIKE about Taiwan
Gavin Januarus describes the extent of freedom one may enjoy when in Taiwan

Long-winded Salute to my Neighbourhood
In the middle of the “Neighbors from Hell” thread, Kahna contributes this favorite

Stop the looting in Iraq
Comrade Stalin discovers where the looters cash in on their goods

beware ‘Steve in Taiwan’
seeker4 keeps things in perspective about the way things work – well – everywhere I may have to cite you for a PWI

Ah-Huang’s School of Offensive Driving
First-time poster “smell the glove” makes his mark with an instant classic!

Bicycle trip in Southern Taiwan
seeker4 gives us a detailed description of his six-day circumnavigation of Taiwan. Lots of useful information here for anyone planning a similar trip.

You foreigners just don’t understand Chinese culture
You heard it here first – Comrade Stalin’s classic line.

ImaniOU’s Rant
ImaniOU shares her views on skin-deep “achievements” and the role environment plays in creating real achievers

How to Win the Respect and Admiration of Those Around You (sarcasm)
A Canadian blacklisted from re-entering Taiwan for previously overstaying tries to “sneak past” the immigration officials at the airport, gets caught and puts on a show for national TV. After being deported, he writes his version of events on Forumosa.

Which Taiwan SAR flag do you like best?
“smell the glove” does it again with this thread which attracted national media attention! Well done, stg!We are not worthy!

Preparing for a Typhoon – What you need to know
Thanks to Dragonbones for his incredibly thorough and and very useful post on how to prepare for Taiwan’s typhoons. Excellent information for the newcomer!

Interviewing at Gram for a Teaching Job – from the Favorite Teaching Stories thread
wolf_reinhold gives us a play-by-play account of his teaching job “interview” at Gram, one of Taiwan’s largest buxiban chains. Hilarious stuff! ROFLMAO!

A double classic here from Ironlady and from Lupillus!
Think of it as a Berlitz course on how to cuss like a Taiwanese taxi driver!*#@!&*#XXX

“Teacher, she has small tits!”
Stray Dog explains and illustrates the best way to describe a woman’s bosom to a bunch of perplexed kids in English class. Very funny! Very funny!

Life in Taiwan vs. Life “Back Home”
DNS gives us a thoughtful, detailed analysis of the pros and cons of life in Taiwan vs. life in New Zealand. Definitely food for thought.

South Africa Explained
bismarck’s insightful post on modern South Africa was very well-received on Forumosa.

Snappy comebacks for annoying jerks
The winner of the Snappy Comeback Award for 2007 goes to Tigerman for this classic post.

People talking about you in Chinese (next to you)
Sage wisdom from Toasty about how to effectively handle an awkward situation.

Getting a new ARC
A member gets a new ARC after a divorce–a step-by-step walkthrough