Upgrading our servers

Hi folks, our servers are being upgraded – this is why our forums are down. I am sorry that there was no notice. We knew it was going to happen, but didn’t realize it would happen so soon.

FWIW, this is upgrade is a good thing. Our servers are going to be faster, and the space we use up (and thanks to you fine people, we use A LOT of space :)) is doubling.

See you back on the forums soon

Be well
aka Goose Egg

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New Forum Admin! New Forum Rules!!


I am very happy to announce that Tempo Gain is the new Forum Admin at Forumosa.com – he modestly declined to take on the titles Generallisimod, Mod Almighty, Grand Panjadra-Mod, Lord of Posts, or Mod Pantokrator.

Tempo Gain is the ideal admin. Careful, thoughtful, and balanced, he is as experienced a moderator as any on the site, and is actively interested in moving Forumosa forward as a community. Tempo Gain uses an approach to moderating that I genuinely admire — respectful of the decisions of fellow moderators, he has worked quietly to keep things in order.

Anything in the forums that concerns content, policy, moderating, becoming a moderator, the rules, and changes to the rules are his call. As the new Forumosa Admin, Tempo Gain is the Final Say about policy in the forums.

To Tempo Gain, many thanks!

New Suspension Policy and other highlights

The new policies are posted at http://policy.forumosa.com – you can login to this blog with your Forumosa ID and post comments at each rule’s respective page.

New Suspension Policy. Perhaps the biggest change is the empowerment of moderators. All moderators have the power to suspend a Forumosan as they see fit. Suspensions are indefinite by default. The end of suspensions whose lengths are not specified by the moderator will be decided by a panel of moderators.

Moderators Rules. Within their own forums, moderators are the ultimate authorities. They may have special rules just for their forums. They may exempt their forums from the general forum rules. Any special rules or exemptions will be indicated in the forums. We recognize that the character of each forum may differ from others, and we believe that the moderators of that forum are in the best position to decide what works the best.

Supermods. In forums that do not have an assigned moderator, there is a crew of moderators who have forum-wide moderating capabilities. We call them, “Supermods”. The vast majority of their work is to “clean up” forums – typically moving topics that should have been posted in other forums (tip: if you don’t see your post in the forum you thought you wrote it in, click the OWN link at the top – it could have been moved to a more appropriate forum, including the Temporary Forum ) or splitting and merging topics into other forums.

As it has since 1998, Forumosa.com continues to grow and change — to evolve. Over the past 6 years, the traffic that visits Forumosa has doubled! What you post and how you post define this website. Thank you for all your attention and support I hope you will continue to help us – and Tempo Gain, in particular – build Forumosa into a valuable resource about Taiwan.

Keep well

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Mandarin Language Enrichment Scholarship

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New Forum Calendar to be installed — if the installation fails, we may restore-to-backup

I’m planning to install a new forum calendar tonight. I plan to back up the entire forum tonight before attempting the modification. If the modification fails, I may have to restore-to-back, thereby wiping out any activity on the forums after the back up.

Stay tuned for details.

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New flags on Forumosa

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New Tapatalk Plugin installed!

Just upgraded to the latest Tapatalk plugin 🙂
Latest version: 2.2.0

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Backing up the server and upgrading phpBB

Happy New Year, folks!

We’re taking advantage of the holiday period to make some long needed upgrades to the forums. Expect things to get bumpy in the next few days.

If you’re a regular Forumosan, you know the drill: we’ll starting off with a server-wide “major” backup. This will mean the entire site will go offline for a few minutes (hopefully while Taiwan sleeps). Then, I’ll proceed to upgrade a few things in the morning. If there are any major hiccups along the way, we’ll restore the server to that last “major” backup — this means that any posts made after the backup will disappear. Hopefully, this will not be required. We’ve done this process about 10 times, and we’ve had to “roll-back” the site twice, if I recall correctly.

Cross your fingers!

If you are confused, or want to reach me for any other reason, you can:
send voice mail to +1 (646) 867-3432,
SMS me at my Taiwan Mobile +886 952 948975, or
simply email Anthony and me at admin(at)forumosa.com

Keep well,
aka Goose Egg

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Too many connections error

I’m checking with our webhost why we maxed out our SQL connections again. This happened over Christmas and we responded by raising the limit on the number of connections.

When this occurred just now, I took a peek at our Google Analytics numbers and nothing seems out of the ordinary. I’m hoping to get clearer answers this time around.

For the meantime, we will reboot the server and hope for the best. if this doesn’t happen in the next hour, then we should be back on line by tonight, Taipei time.

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