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Too many connections error

I’m checking with our webhost why we maxed out our SQL connections again. This happened over Christmas and we responded by raising the limit on the number of connections. When this occurred just now, I took a peek at our

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Now working on Forum Upgrade

Wish us luck! 🙂

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Forum Upgrade planned for Tue 4 May 2010

This Tue, 4 May, I am planning to upgrade the forum software to the current version of phpBB3. As in previous upgrades, you can expect: 1. us to backup the entire database the night before the upgrade — when the

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We’re back! Software upgraded at long last

Our upgrade is done! After 3 days of trying (and a week after my first attempt), I have succeeded in updating the database and files to the latest version of phpBB. This means that we have a more stable and

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Restoring to back up and then will try again tonight

“I didn’t fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong” – Benjamin Franklin My latest attempt to upgrade the software didn’t work. I have asked the good folks at HostExpress to restore the site to our

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I took the website offline this morning around 6am (Shanghai/Taipei time) and have temporarily switched it back on for testing. Part 1 of the 2-part software upgrade seems to be stable. I’ve tested posting and replying, as well as PMing

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We are down for the day

I’m sorry, folks, but our upgrade did not go well. We are going to roll back the site 24 hours and then try the upgrade again next week. I’m sorry for the inconvenience gus.

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Upgrading Classified Ads software

I’m upgrading the classified ads software to the latest version. I will have to re-modify the new version with some of the features and functions that I added before. Maoman and I are talking about de-linking the user databases of

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