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New Forum Calendar to be installed — if the installation fails, we may restore-to-backup

I’m planning to install a new forum calendar tonight. I plan to back up the entire forum tonight before attempting the modification. If the modification fails, I may have to restore-to-back, thereby wiping out any activity on the forums after

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Support Forumosa buy buying thru Amazon

I have just renewed our Amazon Associates account and added a new Amazon BBCode to the forums. Use the BBcode to display books and other products from Amazon by simply using its ISBN or ASIN code. Forumosa will get an

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Forumosa’s Blog now tweets!

Look out for Blog posts on our Twitter account – twitter.com/forumosa

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Google Calendar updated

We have updated our Google calendar code and embedded it in a few more places on the forums: the front index page, the event sub-forums, and the main feedback forum If you have a Google calendar and would like your

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Seeing Stars?

You can now see stars in the posting ID area (next to your posts) on Forumosa – each star represents a year of your being a Forumosan. These also appear on your Forumosa profile! Forum Stats: Total posts 878043 Total

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Flags are back

Flags, emblems, badges and logos can now be added to your profile. To add one to your posting ID area (next to your posts) and your Forumosa profile, visit the UCP (User Control Pane; shortcut: www.flob.tw/ucpprofile) — a “flag” option

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Search Page tweaks

We’ve added a Google Custom Search box and a Bing Box to our Search Pages. If you cannot seem to find what you are looking for through the built-in search function, try using these external searches: in the results page,

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Suggest a BBcode we should use

Visit phpBB3BBcodes.com and look for BBcodes that you think we should add to Forumosa We can add them to the posting box for easy use, or if you want something custom made (for example, a special code that deep links

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