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New Forum Calendar to be installed — if the installation fails, we may restore-to-backup

I’m planning to install a new forum calendar tonight. I plan to back up the entire forum tonight before attempting the modification. If the modification fails, I may have to restore-to-back, thereby wiping out any activity on the forums after

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Backing up the server and upgrading phpBB

Happy New Year, folks! We’re taking advantage of the holiday period to make some long needed upgrades to the forums. Expect things to get bumpy in the next few days. If you’re a regular Forumosan, you know the drill: we’ll

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We’re back! Software upgraded at long last

Our upgrade is done! After 3 days of trying (and a week after my first attempt), I have succeeded in updating the database and files to the latest version of phpBB. This means that we have a more stable and

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