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Upgrading our servers

Hi folks, our servers are being upgraded – this is why our forums are down. I am sorry that there was no notice. We knew it was going to happen, but didn’t realize it would happen so soon. FWIW, this

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Upgrading to the latest phpBB

Hi folks I’m upgrading the forums to the latest version of phpBB3. If there are any major problems along the way, I may ask our web host to restore the latest 24 hour back up of our website. This means

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We are planning to upgrade our servers at Forumosa. This is a system wide improvement and should result in a faster and more stable server We have 7 days of 24-hour backups in case anything SNAFUs, but our new server

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Installing Advanced Statistics Module

I’m trying to install the advanced statistics module again after yesterday’s fiasco. I found some bugs in the revisions I made the first time around, so I’m hopeful I’ll be successful this time around If there are fatal problems to

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Forums are back – restored from server backup

Many thanks to our friends at Hostexpress for getting us back to where we left off. Even though it was somewhere between 1am and 2am, they responded quickly to restoring our latest server back up I’ll try to install the

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Server is down

Looks like our server has gone down for a few hours. We’ll check in with our webhost, and hope we can avoid whatever is causing this in the future EDIT: The problem resolved after 6 ours. We are looking into

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Forums needed reboot

Yesterday, our webserver needed to be rebooted. This caused the outage that kept all of our websites down for a good part of the day. We’ve asked our web host to give us more notice the next time they feel

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Rebooting the Forums

We’re restarting fresh – but keeping the same database of discussions – and plan a simpler forum by the beginning of August. If there are any features or modifications that you would like to see when we unveil the new

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